Rejuvenate your health with a Legenda Yacht holiday.

It’s interesting to think about the health benefits associated with actually being at sea. Boat International recently wrote an article about the “sensational” health benefits of going sailing and it makes for very enlightening reading indeed… perhaps something you could investigate further with your choice of holiday books while onboard Legenda!

If there’s a particular destination you have your heart set on, you can ask your captain to add it to the itinerary and sail your merry way there in no time, happy to explore that city and see what it has to offer.

But if, by the same token, you find yourself craving absolute privacy with no one around apart from your nearest and dearest, speak to the captain again and he’ll find you somewhere entirely secluded where there are no chances of you being bothered by anyone.

Apparently, we’ve known about the benefits of being on, in or near the sea since Greek and Roman times, when people used salt to exfoliate their skin and filled their baths with warm salt water to aid relaxation. This is, in fact, a very popular spa treatment these days known as thalassotherapy (from the Greek for ‘sea’), a treatment that has many forms, from mud baths and wraps to hydrotherapy and mineral-rich showers.

Apparently, research has been carried out that proves the sea has a very real restorative effect on our bodies and our minds. It has high levels of both salt and potassium, which can help encourage healing, as well as helping with skin problems like psoriasis. And the magnesium content of seawater also helps our skin to retain moisture and be more flexible.

Not only that but by spending time near the sea, you could also be helping your brain to function more effectively.

As Boat International explains, sea air has negative ions in it that help our bodies absorb oxygen, giving us more energy. These negative ions also help to balance out our serotonin levels (the hormone that controls our mood) - so you’ll only ever feel happy and light on a yacht trip around the Med.

The article does make mention of the physical benefits of being at sea and moving around the yacht will see you use a range of different muscles that you perhaps wouldn’t normally use so you can counteract how the yacht moves through the waves.

But it goes on to add: “More subtle perhaps are the psychological benefits of sailing. Being at sea provides an opportunity to take a break from the demands of 21st century life. Time becomes more elastic and you measure your routine by the sunset, sunrise, and phases of the moon. Turn your smartphone off and you can get into a natural rhythm of the sun, the stars and the sea.”

It’s also worth remembering that being onboard a yacht and seeing the world by sea will give you all sorts of opportunities to try out a huge array of different physical pursuits, ones that you perhaps wouldn’t be able to participate in with a land-based holiday.

Legenda Yacht has numerous recreation facilities onboard, including wakeboards and surfboards, as well as a Yamaha Super Jet 701 Jet-Ski, a Seadoo spark 2 Waverunner 900 and two Seabobs, so you can be as active as you like while enjoying your luxury yacht trip.

You might also like to try windsurfing out if the opportunity arises, as this is incredible exercise - especially if you’re not particularly good at it and know you’ll keep falling in the water. The act of having to pull yourself up onto the board repeatedly can be a very good workout indeed!

And, of course, you’ve got the sea to play in so if you love nothing more than doing lots of swimming while getting away from it all, look no further than a yacht holiday. Swimming really is one of the best forms of exercise you can take part in, not least because it doesn’t put any stress or strain on your body while still being an excellent workout because you have to move your entire body against water resistance.

Swimming can help you build muscle strength and endurance, while increasing the amount of cardio you’re getting, but it can also help you relieve stress and you may already find it to be a very relaxing way to exercise.

Talk to your captain about the best places to go in the Mediterranean for swimming - you’ll find you’re seriously spoiled for choice! Naturally, swimming is a seriously defining element of any sailing trip and you’re sure to want to take a dip in the sea each and every day… but where to go first?

For a spot of snorkelling or swimming in calm waters, make your way to Cala Mitjaneta in Menorca - although the cove is very well-known so you’ll likely find yourself sharing it with others.

Or you could head off to Spiaggia Rosa in Sardinia, which is home to a stunning red sand beach - quite unlike anything you’ll have ever seen before. The beach itself is made up of seashells, granite and coral, which is why it’s such an intriguing colour.

You can only view the beach by boat as it’s part of a local national marine park so perfect since you’ll be onboard Legenda… you’re sure to get some amazing holiday photos to show off to friends and family once you’re home again.

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