The Journey of German Camino, Legenda Yacht's Head Chef

The key to every successful charter is the cuisine. From Breakfast to lunch or dinner to the odd snack, it’s the back bone for all on board from Guests and crew. It’s where only the best of the best will do. We sat down with German, Head Chef on board the LEGENDA Yacht, Mondomarine 41m to where it all began and where he sees his next journey taking him.

What is your background and how did you get involved in yachting?

GC: After 2 years at the cookery school and getting my level Chef certificate, I started working in a 5* hotel in my home country of Argentina, I worked there for 3 years putting all that I had learnt to the test. In the need of new experiences and challenges, I moved to Palma de Mallorca, which felt more like destiny, where I worked in some of the best restaurants for over 10 years.

Yachting is something that has been in my mind for the last 7 years, always knocking at my door. Living in Palma is a great inspiration for me because I love the yachting industry and with Palma being a large hub for the yachts you are able to feel it throughout the whole year. I have many yachting friends that have been a great influence. Therefore, as soon as I felt I was ready, I went for it, and have never looked back since.

Your main skills and why are they suited to the industry?

GC: To be born in Argentina, means to be influenced by all different cultures such as Spanish, Italian, German, and Irish. Because my birth country is mix of them, the food industry is reflected on that and the variety available is incredible.

I also love to travel and get to know the local people, what they eat, how to prepare and cook. All my experiences has made me adopt diverse knowledge about food, cultures and people. I have the capacity to adapt to everyone’s needs, and I believe that this is great for yachting as no guest is the same.

Your experience whilst on boats to date?

GC: Despite starting only a short time ago, I have been working as sole Chef on a 40m charter Sailing yacht, Sous Chef on board a cruise ship, Crystal Cruise Symphony and from 2018 on M/Y LEGENDA (Yacht).

Have you always been in the same role?

GC: I have been through all then roles since I started cooking, worked my way up from thebottom. Therefore, I have gained the experience in all sections of a kitchen.

What has been the most demanding part of the role to date?

GC: The most demanding part of the role is to being able to create food which guests can totally enjoy, meet their expectations also let them explore new verity of flavours.

Favourite charter destination you would like to explore on board LEGENDA and where would you like to visit next and why?

GC: My favourite charter destination would be the French Polynesia or New Zealand. As a next charter destination, any part of the Mediterranean would be great because now in summer you can find the buzzing atmosphere and is where life is happening with all yachts coming together from all shapes and sizes..

What training and qualifications do you have/required to become a chef?

GC: I studied for 2 years at the cookery school in Argentina to get my Chef certificate. I have a specialised knowledge in pastry. I have also been working on courses to enhance my skill set such as Sous-vide and Sushi.

In a nut shell, it’s all about the Crew. We all are very professional, and get along so well.

Your masterpieces and favourite cuisines

GC: My masterpiece is to cook the whole animal (for example whole lamb or pork) with open fire for many hours, depending the size of the piece. I like to take Mediterranean cuisine as base, starting from there; add some influences, like Asian, Arabic or American.

Why a yacht and not a restaurant?

GC: I believe that there nothing like an experience. So working through the years in fantastic restaurants, I have gained a range of experiences. From there, I feel confident enough to develop my path in yachting.

What’s your experience to date as Chef on charter yachts, what tends to be the guests main expectations?

GC: When it comes to charters, food tends to be one of the most interesting parts for guests. Usually, they like to have the type of food that reflects the area where they are chartering.

What are the most popular dishes?

GC: Among the most popular dishes, we can find variety of fresh fish and seafood.

Is there a set menu or do you tailor each dish depending on the destination?

GC: Of course I set some menus, according to what I feel are the best creations not only to what I like, but also I like to put myself in the guests shoes. Apart from this, things can always be different and therefore you must be ready to make changes and adapt menus and dishes depending on the destination.

Do you prefer to source local ingredients or is everything ordered ahead of the charter?

GC: Both are done. I like to order some things which I know I won’t be able to find at destination, but also it is great to get in contact with local people and get influenced by them, because they know what is the best at their location. Local ingredients are always of beautiful quality.

What sets the LEGENDA Yacht apart from other vessels of the same range in the charter industry?

GC: In a nut shell, it’s all about the Crew. We all are very professional, and get along so well. I am grateful to be part of this Crew, we have all gained valuable experience from our other roles and perform as a great team.

Best part of the job?

GC: The best part is when the guests are really happy and grateful about the food. Because I put my passion to make it and to have positive feedback is fantastic for motivation and helps when I want to push the boundaries with my menus.

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